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CMG GardenNotes

    • CMG training materials (manual) with in-depth coverage of topic, 2-20 pages
    • CMG GardenNotes in Numerical Order

Curriculum units available online

Colorado Master Gardener Program

DiagnosingTree Disorders
Diagnosing Abiotic Tree Disorders
Diagnosing Insects and Diseases of Landscape Trees

Diagnostics and Plant Health Care (IPM)

Small Fruit
Tree Fruit

Herbaceous Plants (Flowers): Right Plant, Right Place

How Plants Grow (Botany)

Identifying Insects

Identifying Trees and Shrubs


Irrigation Management

Lawn Care - Turfgrass Management

Native Plants

Plant Pathology / Diseases


Soils Fertilizers and Soil Amendments

Tree Selection and Planting

Vegetables and Herbs

Climate Summary (Frost Dates)

Water Wise Landscape Design

Weed Management

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